About this website

RWE Navigator

This RWE Navigator is an output of GetReal work package 1 (WP1), which in turn summarises and integrates the outputs of all other work packages of the GetReal project. The work on this website has been funded through IMI GetReal. It is currently a beta website. The site was launched on the 8th March 2017 (for more information see here).


Sarah Garner (Associate Director of Science Policy and Research at NICE), Rob Thwaites (Senior Director at Takeda) and Páll Jónsson (Senior Scientific Adviser, NICE) provided oversight on the project. Mike Chambers (Director at MC Healthcare Evaluation) was instrumental in the overall concept of the site and drafted text for individual pages, in particular for the ‘Clarify the issues’ and ‘Find RWE Options’ sections. Heather Stegenga (Senior Analyst at NICE) coordinated and developed the webpages and content; this included arranging content to be drafted by others and editing this text, as well as drafting original text. Adeeb Ahsan (Project Manager at NICE) provided project management support. Mike Groves (Project Manager at NICE) and Maciej Czachorowski (Technical Analyst at NICE) were involved in much of the background work that led to the development of the RWE Navigator. Catharine Baden-Daintree in the NICE editorial team provided editorial input on much of the content of the site. Chris Chinn (Head of Real World Investigations at Sanofi) led in designing the structure and content of the ‘Clarify the issues’ section.

The site was developed and designed by the NICE digital services team, led by Tom Proudman with contributions from Mike Howarth, John Williams and John Holland.

Different members of WP1 and members of WP2, WP3 and WP4 drafted content for the site and also made general suggestions to improve the site. Many of these individuals are listed on individual pages.