GetReal training: Real-world evidence in medicine development

An online distance-learning course called Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development was developed as part of the GetReal project. The course is hosted by Elevate and the University Medical Centre, Utrecht (UMCU).

The course focuses on the various topics and issues addressed by the GetReal project and is evaluated at Master’s level. It may be of interest to researchers, decision makers, or other stakeholders in the public or private sector.

The first edition of the course took place in 2017, following which 3 or 4 cohorts of students from a wide variety of backgrounds have taken the course each year. Each cohort consists of up to 25 students undertaking 5 Learning Units working over an 8 week period (approx 8-10 hours required per week). A variety of teaching styles are used, from on-line lectures and background reading to individual and group assignments.

For more details including how to book a place on the course, see here.