Find RWE options

Find different options for using real-world evidence (RWE) based on the issues (or ‘effectiveness challenge’) you have identified in Clarifying the Issues. Often these issues arise when generating ‘early’ evidence of relative effectiveness for a medicine.

  • Select the stage of development for your medicine (Early, Mid or Late) then
  • Choose a category of problem (study Population, defining the Intervention or its Comparator, choosing an Outcome measure, or selecting a Study design).

You will now see a list of possible issues (left column) and corresponding RWE options (right column). For each issue you can see which type of decision-making perspective (pharmaceutical research and development, regulators, health technology assessment) is likely to find this issue relevant at this stage of medicine development.

  • Click ‘Read more’ to find out about each issue.
  • Select a RWE option for more information and links to resources (including GetReal resources).

Decision-making perspective

Health technology assessment icon Health technology assessment
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Pharmaceutical research and development iconPharmaceutical research and development
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Regulatory iconRegulatory
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