The RWE Navigator

The RWE Navigator has been designed for a wide variety of users. Patients and patient organisations may use it to better understand RWE concepts and the challenges involved in using or generating RWE. Regulators or HTA professionals may use it to understand more about the need for RWE and the challenges of designing studies to meet this need. Pharmaceutical companies may find it useful to increase awareness about the use of RWE among staff members.

The RWE Navigator is an output of the IMI GetReal project. GetReal aimed to show how robust new methods of real-world evidence (RWE) collection and synthesis could be adopted earlier in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and the healthcare decision-making process. The original GetReal project has been followed by the GetReal Initiative, which is running from 2018 to 2020.

The RWE Navigator also contains the Decision Support Tool, which can be used to work through issues that may occur when demonstrating relative effectiveness of medicines.